The purpose in a man's heart is
like deep water,

but a man of understanding will  draw it out                      - Proverbs 20:5

BA Psych (Wits), BA Hons Psych cum laude (Wits), MA Clin Psych (Wits)
Choosing to embark on a process of psychotherapy may be both daunting and overwhelming but it can be an altogether rewarding and fulfilling journey if you find a good fit with your psychologist. Because of the intimate nature of the process, it is always useful to spend some time exploring this fit but also to allow yourself some time to familiarize yourself with the therapy process. Many people have unrealistic expectations of a therapy process and expect the psychologist to have all the answers to their problems. While a psychologist may be able to provide tools to assist in dealing with symptoms of anxiety or depression, for the most part it is a process of facilitation in deepening self-awareness, insight and understanding into the challenges one may be facing, present and past.  

Sadly there still is a big stigma associated with mental illness and seeking professional help. Many people subsequently question their adequacy or competence. The truth is that everyone faces circumstances or difficulties that are challenging and even traumatic and it takes a lot of courage to face your problems, seek and commit to a therapy process. Many people often find themselves in patterns of unhealthy behaviours or unhealthy relationships that they feel they have little control to change. Therapy is a useful tool in this light to help bring about more healthy ways of being and relating.